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Vitiligo Success Stories

We have tried to collect some success stories from people with experience with Narrowband UVB and there is no question that it helps with the treatment of Vitiligo for most people.

Below are some comments we've collected:

K.W. Michigan says.
Good success on face, other areas freckling slowly.

L.G. in New Jersey says:
Almost all areas have begun repigmenting; begins with spots filling in white space - after about 6 weeks to two months of usage  I'm very happy with results so far; am expecting this process to be a year to two before/if full repigmentation occurs.

A.V.B. in Virginia says:
I have regained freckles in almost all my spots. Most of the new spots are slowly filling in but you can still see shades of white. Sometime it still does reverse and some freckle disappear but then they come back so it is ongoing battle. My fingers after 2 years of nothing have also started to show some freckles.

E.W. in New Jersey says:
Slow progress with consistent, 3x a week visits. Protopic twice daily. if I get lazy about the Protopic applications or the UVB visits and only go 2x a week the progress slows.

V.G. in Georgia says:
Fingers, toes, huge spots on lower back, quarter size on inner thighs, quarter size on hairline, spots on one breast and under both arms. I have been repigmenting in all areas which is very exciting. When I just used the Protopic I saw no results but as soon as I used narrowband I saw results in 2 months. I works for me.

P.Z. in New Jersey says:
Very well tolerated treatment. Very pleased with results so far. Some hyper-pigmenting and more of a contrast with lesions due to tanning. I think I bought the unit about 4 years ago and aggressively treated for about 2 years. I stopped seeing improvements so I took a break. Every so often I will do a month or two of exposure but nothing compared to in the beginning. Early 2005 I started again with aggressive exposure


Body Area Before UVB-NB After UVB-NB
Total 60% 15%
Face 50% 5%
Hands 100% 70%
Feet 100% 98%
Knees 100% 5%
Arms 75% 15%
Back 20% 5%

D.B. from North Carolina says:
...entire body. Some parts more than others, but overall I have an extensive case of vitiligo. ...Really good. In approximately 7 months my face has re-pigmented about 95%! The rest of my body has, at the minimum, many freckles, while other parts have filled in completely...

F.R. from Pennsylvania says:
When I started NB UVB three years ago, about 40% of my body was involved. Although I still have some on my body, my hands and feet are the only areas with minimal progress. I have used Elidel, Protopic and Elocon (sparingly). There are areas I have not used creams and have repigmented. Obviously, I had too much vit to put cream everywhere. I am now working on the armpits with good success.

K.P in Australia says:
I have Vitiligo around eyes, hands, arms, elbows, knees, feet, hips,shins;  started therapy in july 04 with good results so far... eyes filling in, shins about 80% repigged, backs of hands about 50%, knees about 80%, arms about 80%, as well as elbows. Fingers and knuckles only slight improvement, same with the hips. Feet no improvement as yet, but still hopeful. I've had vitiligo for over 30 years and wish I had known about UVB treatment years ago, as it has made a huge difference in my appearance as well as my self esteem.


For Vitiligo Today, our sales are virtually all UVB Narrow Band. Many people who have undergone PUVA treatment in the past enjoy the switch as they no longer need the concurrent drug therapy which for some causes nausea and other challenges.

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