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What is UV photo-therapy?


UV Phototherapy is the use of ultraviolet light, prescribed by a physician, for the treatment of skin disorders such as Vitiligo, Eczema and Psoriasis. The treatment may consist of ultraviolet in the UVA, Narrow-band UVB, or Broadband UVB wave ranges.

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What is the difference between UVA, Narrow Band UVB, and Broad Band UVB?


UVA is the range of ultraviolet that is most commonly used in conjunction with the drug Oxsoralen in PUVA therapy.

Broadband UVB, highly effective in the treatment of psoriasis, has been used for years, often times in combination with skin preparations such as crude coal tar. UVB is about 1000 times more likely to cause sunburn than UVA and UVB is the reason that you must be careful on those hot summer days.

Narrow-band UVB is relatively new. Its ultraviolet output is concentrated in a very narrow range that many scientists believe is the most effective range for treating many skin diseases. While a number of studies have been done using Narrow Band for the treatment of psoriasis, it also shows promise as an effective modality for many other skin diseases as well such as Vitiligo and possible Eczema.


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What type of light is best for me? The best light for you must be determined by your physician. Factors that he or she will consider are your particular disease, your age and your treatment history. Please read our disclaimer.

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Do I need a prescription from my Doctor? If you are in the USA then yes, you must have a prescription from your physician in order to purchase UV photo-therapy equipment.

Customers elsewhere would be wise to check with their dermatologist or doctor before ordering.

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Does the prescription have to come from a Dermatologist? No, the prescription can be written from any licensed physician.

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Will my insurance pay for this equipment? Many insurance companies will cover the equipment when it is medically necessary. Please click on the insurance link for more detailed information.

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Will Amjo assist in the insurance claim process? Yes, Amjo has trained staff to assist in filing your insurance claim. We will need some basic information from you and your physician.

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Does the unit have to be paid for before it can ship? Yes, all equipment must be paid in full before it can be shipped.

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What is the cost of shipping? Shipping on most home photo-therapy equipment within the contiguous United States is included. This does not include accessories. Check with Amjo for shipping costs outside the lower 48 states and for countries around the world.

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Can my UVB photo-therapy unit be used for tanning? NO, if anyone attempts to tan using the UVB lamps, they are likely to get severely burned. We offer tanning lights at our www.Healthytan.com website

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Does NBC equipment have a lock to prevent unauthorized use? Yes, most of the NBC systems have key locks to prevent unauthorized use.

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Do I need to protect my eyes during treatment? Yes, we provide UV Eye Protection Goggles with every unit shipped. These must be used during the treatment session. It is recommended that others in the room while you are undergoing treatment should also wear goggles. Amjo sells extra eyewear. Your doctor will recommend that if you are on PUVA therapy, you must use eye protection for a period of 24 hours from the time you take the drug Psoralen or Oxsoralen.

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