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UV Lamps & Bulbs


Regular re-lamping saves valuable treatment time.

Always in stock!

  • PUVA and UVB High Output
  • Broad Band (BB) Lamps

UVB Narrow Band (NB) 311 Lamps

Slimline and Bi-Pin Lamps

UVB Narrow Band Lamps
(All Stated Lengths are Nominal)

  • TL100W/01/FS72 UVB Narrow Band 6 ft.
  • TL20W/01 UVB 311 Narrow Band 2 ft.
  • PLS9W/01 (Bulb for Handisol NB)

UVB Broad Band Lamps
(All Stated Lengths are Nominal)

  • FSX72T12/UVB/HO 6 ft.
  • FS72T12/UVB/HO 6 ft.
  • FS72T12/UVB/SL 6 ft.
  • FS40T12/UVB 4 ft.
  • FSX24T12/UVB/HO 2 ft.
  • FS20T12/UVB 2 ft.
  • F6T5/UVB (Handisol)

UVA Lamps
(All Stated Lengths are Nominal)

  • FR72T12/BL/HO (UVA) 6 ft.
  • F72T12/BL/HO (UVA) 6 ft.
  • F40/350 BL (UVA) 4 ft.
  • F36T12/BL/HO (UVA) 3 ft.
  • F24T12/BL/HO (UVA) 2ft.
  • F20T12/BL/HO (UVA) 2 ft.
  • F6T5/350BL (Handisol)

UVA-1 Lamps
(All Stated Lengths are Nominal)

  • F72T12/BL9/HO UVA-1


Lamp Photos

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