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Vitiligo Success Stories- Click Here

NBC and Amjo have collected a few accolades along the way. We thought it would be good to share some here, we're very proud of our support level..

Hi Chris, I want to thank Cheryl for the wonderful service I received from her. She had a tough and challenging time dealing with my insurance and medical provider. I want you to know how much I appreciated her professionalism and kindness she showed me in dealing with them to get me a light box. I could only wish that there were more people in the medical industry that had Cherylís drive to help those of us that donít understand and havenít the knowledge of the system to do it as well as Cheryl did. Kudos to Cheryl and yourself for having such a great staff to help us.

Thanks again for everything

R. Pike in California

I wanted to let you know that our Foldalite III arrived today. We successfully installed it and it is up and running just fine.

I want to thank you both for your great customer service and all of you help through this process. I cannot believe how easy this whole process was. I did not expect it to go so smooth and thanks to you both, it has. National Biological was great to work with too! I was very impressed.

Thanks again and take care,

NW in Escanaba MI

Hi Chris

I ordered the UVB Narrow Band Lamp for my mom who has had Vitiligo for longer than I have been alive and she is having excellent progress. Her spots which were super white are now "browning out" and she has vitiligo almost over 30% of her body and I can see her begin healing for the first time in 30 years. I have all faith and confidence that she will be healed within a year at the rate her spots are turning brown. She is African American so the browning process is taking longer because they have to darken more than other races but even still I am grateful.

Thank you and God Bless You

PP in South Bend Indiana

Dear Amjo,

I would highly recommend AMJO group, for their fantastic service and quality product.† I ordered a UVB Lamp with AMJO, and it arrived 12 days later - all the way to New Zealand - with no hassle, and†door to door service !!† I have also bought another product from them several years ago, and they have always provided efficient and friendly ongoing advice when required.† I would thoroughly recommend them !!

Thank-you Chris.† Regards JI Auckland, New Zealand.

Dear AMJO/National Biological,

After 35 years of the flares and remissions of psoriasis, your Panosol Narrowband UVB device has given me back my skin! I tried steroid creams, zinc preparations, days at the beach and full-spectrum UV lamps. Sometimes I got burned, sometimes I tanned, but the psoriasis remained. I had given up on ever being able to wear a knee-length skirt or bathing suit in public again. Before, I had been afraid of the stares I would get at the swimming pool or beach. Now, my "spots" have faded so much that you'd really have to look closely to see any evidence of psoriasis. And this is after only two months of Panosol II use!

I appreciate the helpful folks at AMJO who filed my insurance claim and who were always there to answer my questions on claim status. The whole process could not have gone more smoothly (well, I guess my insurance company could have paid more quickly!). The machine is easy to use, and with its instant start, the whole treatment process takes only 5 minutes every other day.

Thank you again,

JB Kansas


Everything with the new unit is working out great. Needless to say, having the home unit takes a lot of stress out of my work week by not having to interrupt my work schedule with bi-weekly trips to the doctors office for treatments.

The other factor that was a surprise to me was the quality and durability of the unit itself. It is very sturdy and everything shipped with no problems.

I also wanted to say thanks again for all the help with the Aetna documentation and if I can be of help to any other vitiligo patients feel free to pass along my email address to them.
JS (Wylie Texas)

Good morning Cheryl: My you are up early working. I cannot believe the insurance company paid 100% and that it should arrive to me next week. Thank you thank you. I cannot wait to use this. You all are great...

Cheryl: Thanks for everything. You all are great. You cannot imagine how happy I am about my light system. I hope to have my psoriasis under control in short order with this system.
C.K. in Florida.

My name is JB and I have been suffering with psoriasis for years. It kept getting worse and worse until it covered a majority of my arms, legs, torso, and scalp. I tried everything out there but nothing worked until I tried your UVB NB light. Results were slow at first until about the 4th week. Things then changed quickly and soon it disappeared almost completely... I now use it only a couple times a month to maintain. This has been a great treatment for my position. THANK YOU
J.B. Jefferson, MA.

"I'm amazed at how quickly I received the Panosol II that I ordered. I was surprised at its convenience, compactness and portability. Thank you.
P.S. I feel special!"
L.W. Fredericksburg, VA.

" I am very pleased with the Panosol II. The construction is excellent, the timer works perfect and I am sure that I made the right choice.
Thanks for a great product."
S.R. Rutherford, CA wrote:

"The Panosol II System works great. It sure beats the heck out of driving back and forth to the doctor 3 times a week. My psoriasis has shown improvement in a short period of time."
C.F. Maggie Valley, NC

"I was very impressed with how well the Panosol II took care of my psoriasis."
L.C. Corinth, NY

L.B of Newark, DE wrote:
"The Panosol II works well and is so easy and convenient. The safeguards are particularly well thought out."

D.V. of Huntington Beach, CA wrote:
"The system is simply wonderful."

Dear Cheryl,
Greetings! I have received the Panosol II unit in fine shape. still reading directions and such. Thanks again for working with me and the insurance folks.
JB, Arizona City AZ

Dear Chris,
Thank you very much for your help - I have found your information very useful. I do appreciate how you deal with your customers and I am glad that I can recommend you to everyone here in Prague!
Best wishes,
A.L. Czech Republic (
Purchase of UVB Narrow Band Handheld Wand)

I am really thankful to you and appreciate your sincere efforts to help even a non-profit customer like me. I hope that you will continue to give support like this.

Thanks and Regards, ST (India)

Dear Bugsy,

Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I received my LiteBook today, and I am very pleased. Extremely fast order processing. Your sale price was the cheapest of anyone, and I looked everywhere :) I gave your company information to my psychiatrist so that he may recommend you to other patients. Thanks again.

With gratitude, Mrs. K. D B (Ocala FL)

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Dear Chris,

Thank you for being the ideal consumer care person. My late husband was involved in total quality in his business, and would have approved highly of how you treat your customers. Happy holidays to you, Cheryl, Amy and Jody. Sincerely, (PL West Springfield, Massachusetts)

Dear Chris & Cheryl,

Thank-you so much for calling us , since speaking to you it has really put our minds at rest that we did 'accidentally' get the right kind of bulb after all! I have used it - all very easy and straightforward. Sorry we have been such a pain, oh and thanks for the wiring info, knowing our luck we would have wired the plug wrong after guessing and blown the whole machine up! I'll keep you posted on how its all going if you're interested. I'm so glad we found you guys, you have saved us so much hassle and your customer service has been absolutely excellent i shall heartily recommend you to anyone else requiring any UVB lamps. Thanks again Chris and Cheryl.

(LN Herts UK)

Hello Cheryl:

I want to thank YOU for the expedient way in which you handled my inquiry. I must admit that I have not received this type of service anywhere in the past. I did receive my lamp yesterday and will not hesitate to do business with you in the future, thanks to you!!! Today I received the emergency flashlight from you and was even further delighted. Thank you again for everything. Please make sure the one who signs your paycheck receives a copy of this.

Take care, - Sallie

Dear Ms. Cane,

Thank you so much for responding to my problem so quickly. It is really wonderful to work with a company where a real person actually answers the phone, and problems are dealt with so efficiently...

Even though there were minor problems with my order, I was very happy with how they were handled, and I will definitely recommend your company to other people. Thanks again for your help. You seem to have a terrific organization.


(MC Mt Pleasant, South Carolina)

Dear Chris

I just want to say thanks for the extra attention and service you provided us last week... we figured out how to keep it turned on for the time that we needed and we put a fan on it for cooling... It has definitely helped us move the project along... So - thanks again! (PB - New York)

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Good Morning, Just wanted to let you know that I received the Psorawand yesterday.....right on schedule!! I appreciate the fast service...and am eager to give this treatment a try. Again, thanks for the great service! Sincerely, (JK - Texas)

Hi there. I have had the UVB machine for about a week and a bit. It was a bugger to get up the stairs and in the end had to unpack it in the street. I think the wooden crate weighed more than the machine. Fantastic results already!! Probably gone from 30% coverage to about 10%, with some stubborn red marks taking longer to disappear. This is after 6 or 7 sessions, none of which have gone over 45 seconds. Quality stuff and well worth the investment. I will post on the psoriasis newsgroup and let everyone know my rapid progress..... I also took an allergy test which showed that I have an allergy to dairy products, which could be causing the psoriasis.

Many thanks for your help. (PC - Middlesex, England)

Just thought you might like to know that I received my sunlamp on the 10th of May. It was surprisingly quick, considering it had to clear customs. Everything arrived in perfect condition and I have had three sessions with it. Since I am a pretty careful guy, the results are just beginning to show, but I know that the system is working. I had been asking around stores here in Australia for the past nine years trying to find a small sunlamp to use in the winter time. The only system I could find was Tanning beds starting around $2,000.00 (Australian dollars). Thank you again for your help, especially your call to clear up the email difficulty. I am well satisfied with your service and I wish you continued success. (GM - Australia)

I just wanted you to know that I am very pleased with my new sunlamp. Thank you for your help with the instructions to put it together! Also, thank you for upgrading the one you sent me. Your patience, assistance and quality of service overall are greatly appreciated. Sincerely, (LC - Rhode Island)

Hey-unbelievable service WOW!!! That is great-why don't we just do a spare bulb!?! OK? I can't believe the wonderful service you give!

Thanks so much!:):) (BS-Alaska)


Guess what? My light box is already here! That was fast! It is certainly a good looking piece of equipment--much nicer than I thought it would be. Already love it! (LC Flagstaff, AZ )

Thank you; just so you know, I logged on to BizRate.com† and told them of the excellent customer support I received from you today. (SKT - Omaha, NE)

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