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Disclaimer Page

The information provided at this website is not medical advice. Readers are encouraged to obtain the help, services and recommendations of dermatologists or other medical practitioners. The webmaster and none of us at Amjo Corp are medically trained and we are selling these UVA and UVB photo-therapy Lamps as a business and for profit.

Selected products are FDA compliant and we cannot sell to you unless you are a doctor of medicine or you provide us with a prescription from your doctor.

Please read and heed all the information provided by your doctor and in the manual(s) provided with the products we sell. Overuse may increase the incidence of other skin problems. Like all things in life, care and moderation are of the utmost importance.

We have prepared a Privacy Policy page for your information. Click here to see our Privacy Policy.







Your Doctor 
is the only person who can give you medical advice. Our job is to make you aware of the types of treatment available.

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