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Case Studies

Case Study Synopses


  • Treatment of Vitiligo With UV-B Radiation
    vs Topical Psoralen Plus UV-A

    By: Wiete Westerhof, MD, PhD; Ludmila Nieuweboer-Krobotova, MD

    Archives of Dermatology
    VOL 133, December 1997

    Compared efficacy and safety of 2 treatment modalities in patients with vitiligo. Study was a before-and-after trial with 2 arms, involving 99 men and 182 women with predominately skin type III and generalized vitiligo of at least 3 months' duration. 46% of first PUVA treatment group showed repigmentation after four months. 67% of of 311-nm treatment group showed repigmentation after four months.

    According to results, the treatment of patients with vitiligo with 311-nm UV-B radiation is as efficient as with topical PUVA and has fewer adverse effects.

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  • Treatment of Generalized Vitiligo in Children
    with Narrow-Band (TL-01) UVB Radiation Therapy

    By: M. D. Njoo, MD, PhD and W. Westerhof, MD, PhD

    Journal of American Academy of Dermatology
    VOL 42, Number 2, Part 1. February 2000

    Studied efficacy and safety of UVB (311 nm) therapy in children with generalized vitiligo. 51 Children were treated twice a week for one year. Psychosocial impact of disease and treatment were carefully evaluated before and after. 75% overall repigmentation in 53% of patients and a stabilization of the disease in 80%.

    Narrow-band UVB therapy is effective and safe in childhood vitiligo; it may also significantly improve the quality of life.
  • Narrow-band Ultraviolet B is a Useful
    and Well-Tolerated Treatment for Vitiligo

    By: Lubomira Scherschun, MD; Jane J. Kim, MD; Henry W. Lim, MD

    Journal of American Academy of Dermatology
    VOL 44, Number 6. June 2001

    Seven diverse vitiligo patients treated for one year with narrow-band UVB therapy. Five of the seven achieved 75% repigmentation with a mean of 19 treatments.

    Treatment protocol resulted in rapid repigmentation in many patients, including those with skin phototypes IV and V. In accordance with previous studies, this report indicates that narrow-band UVB is a useful and well-tolerated therapy for vitiligo.

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  • Suberythemogenic Narrow-band UVB is
    Markedly More Effective Than
    Conventional UVB in Treatment of

    Psoriasis Vulgaris

    By: Ian B. Walters, MD; Lauren H. Burack, MD; Todd R. Coven, MD; Patricia Gilleaudeau, RN, BSN; James G. Krueger, MD, PhD

    Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology
    VOL 40, Number 6, Part 1. June 1999

    Eleven patients treated using split-body approach, three times a week, for six weeks. Able to induce clinical clearing in 81.8% of patients after NB-UVB, but only 9.1% after BB-UVB.

    NB-UVB is superior to UVB-BB in reversing psoriasis at suberythemogenic doses when given three times per week. This schedule was well tolerated by all patients.


  • Narrowband UV-B Produces Superior Clinical
    and Histopathological Resolution of
    Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis in Patients

    Compared With Broadband UV-B

    By: Todd R. Coven, MD; Lauren H. Burack, MD; Patricia Gilleaudeau, RN, BSN; Mary Keogh, RN, MSN; Maki Ozawa, MD; James G. Krueger, MD, PhD

    Archives of Dermatology
    VOL 133, December 1997

    22 patients treated over four week span to compare therapeutic effectiveness of daily exposure to narrowband (NB) UV-B vs broadband (BB) UV-B with and without tar. Clinical resolution of psoriasis was achieved on 86% of paired sites treated with NB UV-B, compared to 73% with BB UV-B. Histopathological resolution of epidermal hyperplasia was achieved in 88% of lesions treated with NB UV-B, compared with 59% with BB UV-B.

    Narrowband UV-B offers a significant therapeutic advantage over BB UV-B in the treatment of psoriasis, with faster clearing and more complete disease resolution. The erythema response to NB UV-B treatment was significantly more intense and persistent compared with BB UV-B. Considerably more necrotic keratinocytes were observed in histopathological sections of skin treated with NB UV-B after a single 2.0- minimum erythema dose exposure. Treatment should be coupled with obligate minimum erythema dose testing to NB UV-B and close clinical observation during dose increases.


  • A Randomized Comparison of Narrow-band
    TL-01 Phototherapy and PUVA

    Photochemotherapy for Psoriasis

    By: P. M. Gordon, MRCP; B. L. Diffey, PhD; J. N. S. Matthews, PhD; and P. M. Farr, MD

    Journal of American Academy of Dermatology
    VOL 41, Number 5, Part 1. November 1999

    100 patients were randomly allocated with twice-weekly treatments with PUVA or narrow-band UVB. Clearance of psoriasis was achieved in 84% of PUVA patients vs 63% with TL-01. Plus, the PUVA success took significantly fewer treatments.

    When given twice weekly, PUVA is more effective for psoriasis than narrow-band UVB phototherapy.

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  • Narrowband TL-01 Phototherapy for
    Patch-Stage Mycosis Fungoides

    By: Colin Clark, MRCP; Robert S. Dawe, MRCP; Alan T. Evans, MRCPath; Graham Lowe, FRCP; James Ferguson, FRCP

    Archives of Dermatology
    VOL 136, June 2000

    Eight patients with patch-stage MF received TL-01 phototherapy 3 times weekly using standard protocol. Complete clearance of MF achieved in 6 cases in a mean of 9 weeks. 4 patients have had prolonged remissions.

    TL-01 is an effective, convenient therapy that may have less risk of long-term adverse effects than current alternatives. Although larger prospective studies are necessary, for some patients intermittent courses of TL-01 may offer effective long-term

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