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There are several ways to purchase a system from us.

If you are planning to have Amjo file an insurance claim for you. Please visit our Insurance Help Page (Click Here)

The Handisol NB can be ordered on-line by clicking here. For all other items such as Panosol II and others, you can order on-line by clicking here.

The most simple method is to simply call or write to us, order a system and pay by credit card, cashier's check or perhaps . Let us know if you want to pay with PayPal and we'll help you. The credit cards we accept are:

MasterCard Visa Amex Discover

If you'd like to complete our order form. Please click here.

We can help you with insurance  claims either by entering the claim for you or simply helping you with form completion etc. Click here for information on insurance help.

Handisol Orders
Int'l Orders
Order Form

Order Forms 
We do not require that you complete our order form. You can simply call us, write us or fax us or email us with shipping and billing details. If you're in the USA the you will need to fax or mail us your prescription before we can ship.

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